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May 31, 2023

What foods will 9.3 billion people be eating in 2050?

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Algae, fried insects, and exotic lab-grown meat could all be on the menu.

May 31, 2023

Beyond the Horizon: Transhumanism at the Nexus of Technology and Biology #006

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Embark on a journey Beyond the Horizon, as we unravel the intriguing blend of Transhumanism, technology, and biology, revealing a potential future where human evolution and AI are inseparably linked.

May 31, 2023

Introducing NVIDIA ACE For Games — Spark Life Into Virtual Characters With Generative AI

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NVIDIA ACE for Games’ suite of generative AI technologies enables more immersive and intelligent NPC game experiences. Watch the incredible demo and learn more.

May 31, 2023

Scientists use AI to discover new antibiotic to treat deadly superbug

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AI used to discover abaucin, an effective drug against A baumannii, bacteria that can cause dangerous infections.

May 31, 2023

Hibernation artificially triggered in potential space travel breakthrough

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In science fiction, space crews are often spared the boredom and inconvenience of long-distance space travel by being placed into a state of suspended animation. Now this goal may have come a step closer after scientists showed that hibernation can be artificially triggered in rodents using ultrasonic pulses.

The advance is seen as significant because the technique was effective in rats – animals that do not naturally hibernate. This raises the prospect that humans may also retain a vestigial hibernation circuit in the brain that could be artificially reactivated.

May 31, 2023

Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog, Spot, helping Paris rail inspectors

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Boston Dynamics’ Spot is now helping Paris Metro inspectors repair some of the railway network.

May 31, 2023

Dave Farina vs. James Tour Debate (Are We Clueless About the Origin of Life?)

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After two years of thoroughly exposing James on his lies regarding origin of life research, I finally got the chance to confront him live about the subject…

May 31, 2023

Before the Big Bang 11: Is the Universe a Time Machine?

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What happened before the Big Bang? In two of our previous films we examined cyclic cosmologies and time travel universe models. Specially, the Gott and Li Model and Penrose’s Conformal Cyclic Cosmology Recently Beth Gould and Niayesh Afshordi of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics have fused these two models together to create a startling new vision of the universe. In this film they explain their new proposal, known as Periodic Time Cosmology.

0:00 Introduction.
0:45 NIayesh’s story.
1:15 Beth’s story.
2:25 relativity.
3:26 Gott & Li model.
6:23 origins of the PTC model.
8:17 PTC periodic time cosmology.
10:55 Penrose cyclic model.
13:01 Sir Roger Penrose.
14:19 CCC and PTC
15:45 conformal rescaling and the CMB
17:28 assumptions.
18:41 why a time loop?
20:11 empirical test.
23:96 predcitions.
26:19 inflation vs PTC
30:22 gravitational waves.
31:40 cycles and the 2nd law.
32:54 paradoxes.
34:08 causality.
35:17 immortality in a cyclic universe.
38:02 eternal return.
39:21 quantum gravity.
39:57 conclusion.

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May 31, 2023

Unlock The Power Of FinOps To Manage Data And Analytics Costs

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I recently got a call from my IT department asking why I was driving a significant amount of Azure spending in the past month. Before we were in the cloud, this type of question never came up. Rather, it was me asking IT for more servers to run my workloads. Whether or not I was using our on-premise computing resources was irrelevant—that is, until I ran out.

My experience is not at all unique. In our modern, post-cloud world, every organization has gone from unmetered, unfettered access to compute resources to a metered, easy-to-inspect, pay-by-the-second cloud spending nightmare. What we gained in endlessly scalable, elastic compute, we lost in our ability to run workloads without anyone watching. This new reality demands an elevated level of fiscal responsibility and shared ownership, especially as it relates to analytics.

The cloud computing pay-per-use model means organizations can no longer run workloads without considering the costs those workloads generate. It’s now imperative that organizations manage their cloud spending to stay competitive.

May 31, 2023

Professor Sean Carroll explains how Higgs Boson was discovered #physicist

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Physicist Sean Carroll explains the discovery of Higgs Boson in simple terms. Credit-ICE at Dartmouth.

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