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Dec 3, 2016

Should tech grads pick defense over Silicon Valley?

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Sam Gussman arrived four years ago at Stanford University hoping to eventually parlay an engineering degree into a product manager job at Google or Facebook.

Working for the National Security Agency or other intelligence bureaus never crossed his mind. For Gussman, the government didn’t seem like the place for the most exciting, cutting-edge research in human computer interaction — his area of interest. Plus, it did no on-campus recruiting, unlike the many tech startups that e-mailed him daily about job opportunities and happy hours.

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Dec 3, 2016

Human Brain Goes In And Out Of Sleep, Even When Awake

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You know that feeling when you’re awake but still unable to process anything around you? There’s a scientific reason for it.

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Dec 3, 2016

Massive Parkinson’s discovery could change everything

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A huge discovery has just been made about Parkinson’s disease that scientists may have been looking for answers in the wrong place all along. Scientists have found that there is a strong correlation between symptoms of Parkinson’s and bacteria in the gut, not the brain, based on examinations of mice.

Parkinson’s disease is the second most common debilitating brain disorder in the world after Alzheimer’s. It is a neurodegenerative disease that involves a type of protein that builds up around brain cells and then causes the patient to lose motor function. Naturally, scientists had been looking at the brain for answers in dealing with it, but a new study finds that perhaps the answer was in the gut bacteria all along, according to an Axial Biotherapeutics statement.

The finding could lead to a new generation of probiotics that are far more sophisticated than typical brands currently available to the public.

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Dec 3, 2016

Computers with DNA? Brock team working to help make it happen

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I know this is 2 days old; however, glad I came across it. As Gene Circuitry & Living systems in general are truly advancing more quickly in the recent year than I have seen over the past decade.

The real question is with AI, 3D/ 4D synbio printing, Gene/ Cell Circuitry; which areas of medicine will continue to existing in the next 15 years?

A Brock University research team has created a tool that can potentially be used in a future computer that will be made out of DNA.

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Dec 3, 2016

DARPA’s multiplayer gaming platform for problem solving

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Would you like to play a game? The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency hopes so.

DARPA wants to build a gaming and social media platform that will engage a diverse community of creative minds to solve emerging science and technology problems.

The Gamifying the Search for Strategic Surprise (GS3) platform will serve as a “digital crucible” where teams of deep thinkers from a wide range of disciplines can work together to quickly solve problems relevant to DARPA’s mission of preventing technological surprise. After an inaugural group of invited players test the platform, it will be opened to the public.

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Dec 3, 2016

To shield crops from disease, scientists want to use insects to carry protective genes to plants

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DARPA scientists think they can use insects to deliver genetic changes to crops.

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Dec 3, 2016

Scientists Have Developed the World’s Fastest Quantum Simulator

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A novel quantum simulator has done what HPC’s have previously failed to do- to simulate the motion of electrons in large particle systems.

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Dec 3, 2016

Off the grid solar is increasingly solving power problems in parts of rural Africa

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Pay-as-you-go solar systems have begun to light up homes in underserved parts of the continent, but will need to pack more punch to leapfrog the grid.

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Dec 3, 2016

Armenia eyeing nano coop. with Iran

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MNA– Head of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council and Iran’s envoy to Armenia met with Armenian Minister of Transport, Communication and IT in Yerevan.

Seyed Kazem Sadjadi, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Yerevan and Professor Saeed Sarkar, Secretary-General of the Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) met with Vahan Martirosyan, the Minister of Transport, Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Armenia on Wednesday in Yerevan.

The Armenian minister in the meeting welcomed the Iranian delegation for initiating cooperation and underlined that cooperation with Iran in areas of transportation and communication was of prime importance to Armenia. He voiced hope for expansion of bilateral cooperation in information technology.

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Dec 3, 2016

Parkinson’s Disease May Be Traced to Gut Bacteria

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Researchers have connected gut bacteria to the brain changes in Parkinson’s.

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