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Mar 17, 2016

Beer Pong Robot

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Meet the beer pong playing robot that can grab almost anything.

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Mar 17, 2016

Sony Interactive Table

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Sony’s interactive tabletop is straight out of Minority Report…

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Mar 17, 2016

Army researchers explore future rotorcraft technologies

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By David McNally, ARL Public Affairs.

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. (March 17, 2016) — The U.S. Army is moving ahead with research on potential new component-level technologies for future rotorcraft.

A team from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory completed the first-ever live-fire test of a rotor blade with individual blade control technology in mid-January.

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Mar 17, 2016

Facebook in VR!!!

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Facebook video in VR is here!

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Mar 17, 2016

Deep Learning Is Going to Teach Us All the Lesson of Our Lives: Jobs Are for Machines

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(An alternate version of this article was originally published in the Boston Globe)

On December 2nd, 1942, a team of scientists led by Enrico Fermi came back from lunch and watched as humanity created the first self-sustaining nuclear reaction inside a pile of bricks and wood underneath a football field at the University of Chicago. Known to history as Chicago Pile-1, it was celebrated in silence with a single bottle of Chianti, for those who were there understood exactly what it meant for humankind, without any need for words.

Now, something new has occurred that, again, quietly changed the world forever. Like a whispered word in a foreign language, it was quiet in that you may have heard it, but its full meaning may not have been comprehended. However, it’s vital we understand this new language, and what it’s increasingly telling us, for the ramifications are set to alter everything we take for granted about the way our globalized economy functions, and the ways in which we as humans exist within it.

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Mar 17, 2016

Michelin’s Newest Airless Tires Are A Breakthrough Innovation

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F you haven’t experienced a flat tire then you are lucky, but for those of us who have we understand all too well the hassle of changing a flat tire and airing one back up. In this video we get introduced to the new innovative Michelin Airless Tires that are able to drive on every possible terrain!

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Mar 17, 2016

Hankook’s Revolutionary Airless i-Flex Tire

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IFlex — Airless Tire

Hankook’s Revolutionary Airless i-Flex Tire is Puncture-Proof and 95% Recyclable.

#Hankook #iFlex #Tire

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Mar 17, 2016

Why AlphaGo Is Not AI

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“There is no AI without robotics… This realization is often called the ‘embodiment problem’ and most researchers in AI now agree that intelligence and embodiment are tightly coupled issues. Every different body has a different form of intelligence, and you see that pretty clearly in the animal kingdom.”

Google DeepMind’s artificial intelligence AlphaGo is a big advance but it will not get us to strong AI.

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Mar 17, 2016

Don’t Turn Away From the Art of Life — By Arnold Weinstein | The New York Times

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“In a letter written in 1871, the Symbolist poet Arthur Rimbaud uttered a phrase that announces the modern age: “‘Je’ est un autre” (“‘I’ is someone else”). Some 69 years later I entered the world as an identical twin, and Rimbaud’s claim has an uncanny truth for me, since I grew up being one of a pair. Even though our friends and family could easily tell us apart, most people could not, and I began life with a blurrier, more fluid sense of my contours than most other folks.”

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Mar 17, 2016

Remarkable nanowires could let computers of the future grow their own chips

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Now, we’re hitting Terminator mode with this.

If you’re worried that artificial intelligence will take over the world now that computers are powerful enough to outsmart humans at incredibly complex games, then you’re not going to like the idea that someday computers will be able to simply build their own chips without any help from humans. That’s not the case just yet, but researchers did come up with a way to grow metal wires at a molecular level.

At the same time, this is a remarkable innovation that paves the way for a future where computers are able to create high-end chip solutions just as a plant would grow leaves, rather than having humans develop computer chips using complicated nanoengineering techniques.

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