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Jul 4, 2017

This is the Closest Thing We Have to a Master Equation of the Universe

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The grand theory of almost everything actually represents a collection of several mathematical models that proved to be timeless interpretations of the laws of physics.

Here is a brief tour of the topics covered in this gargantuan equation.

This version of the Standard Model is written in the Lagrangian form. The Lagrangian is a fancy way of writing an equation to determine the state of a changing system and explain the maximum possible energy the system can maintain.

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Jul 4, 2017

Inside the startup that wants to mine asteroids and transform space travel forever

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Among startups, the race to start mining asteroids is underway. Their pioneering work could transform our economy – and one day, our ability to explore the universe.

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Jul 4, 2017

I’m A Cyborg And So Are You

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I have recently re-kindled my interest in neuro-hacking, the process of using technological and spiritual tools to essentially hack my consciousness, make myself calmer, and of course, happier! I’ve been using vitamins (D3!) and isochronic tones for some time, but I have run across a number of new devices and apps recently. I got a demo kit for a new device called Thync, that purports to alter brain waves to achieve greater calm, less stress, and more energy. This follows, for me, several decades of interest in this arena, also fueled by a bunch of projects in the works that seek to augment human potential using the latest brain science, emerging hardware, and games.

This is an area of professional interest as well as personal. I’m a socio-cultural anthropologist with a focus on digital culture, technology use, and future possibilities. My graduate work focused on social learning associated with online gaming. A lot of my focus falls into a sub-discipline of anthropology known as cyborg anthropology:

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Jul 4, 2017

Journal Club June 2017 Video Available

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The June Journal Club video is now available for your viewing pleasure. Dr. Oliver Medvedik talks about telomeres and cellular reprogramming in this latest edition of our new live streamed monthly show.

It has been a busy few months since we launched our Lifespan Heroes campaign on the aim of which is to help us expand the scale and scope of our activities.

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Jul 4, 2017

Why France Is Taking a Lesson in Culture From Silicon Valley

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While France needs to lure more international investors and further ease rules for entrepreneurs, the country, backed by government officials and tech leaders, has started to inject new energy into the start-up scene. France has already become one of Europe’s top destinations for start-up investment; venture capital and funding deals last year surpassed that activity in Germany, making it second only to Britain in Europe.

A new start-up incubator in Paris symbolizes France’s tech ambitions, but can the land of the 35-hour workweek overcome its cultural and regulatory barriers to surpass London and other tech hubs?

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Jul 3, 2017

Life in space is hard…!!

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Jul 3, 2017

Contour: Contour™ enables 3D modeling from input to output in real time

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Condensing the workflow process by eliminating time and cost, and allowing decision-making at the point of work.

Lightweight and battery powered, Contour is hand carried through an environment as it scans to generate a 3D map without additional infrastructure. A typical 10,000 sq m (110,000 sq ft) space can be scanned in about 2.5 hours.

The onboard touchscreen enhances Contour’s ease and usability. The screen displays the model as it’s being built in real time, allowing the user to improve results during mapping and even control the display to provide immediate knowledge of the environment. Users are able to pause, rewind, and resume during scanning.

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Jul 3, 2017

Artificial Photosynthesis Can Produce Clean Fuel for the Cars of Tomorrow Says Bill Gates

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We can all agree that solar panels are pretty awesome. It’s hard to beat turning sunlight into electricity. Unless you’re talking turning sunlight into stored chemical fuel. “Solar chemical” takes the logic of photosynthesis and applies it to fuel.

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Jul 3, 2017

BioViva at Journey to 100

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Gearing up for clinical trials.

Liz discusses how we can overcome the limits on human health and lifespan; elaborating on BioViva’s role as a translational engine to provide access to cutting-edge therapies for those most in need. | Journey to 100 is a world-exclusive conference exploring ideas for a new and sustainable approach to lifelong health. The day kick starts a 10-year project that aims to make Guernsey the first community in the world to break through the 100-year life expectancy barrier.

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Jul 3, 2017

Researchers Produce World’s First Probiotic Beer

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As if anyone needed any excuse to drink more beer, a team of researchers have managed to produce an alcoholic beverage that also contains probiotics. In a novel breakthrough, they claim that the beer could help improve gut health and immunity, though the science is still out on that last one.

There are plenty of dairy-based probiotics, but currently there are no beers that also contain probiotics, mainly because beer contains something known as hop acids, which limit the growth and survival of potential probiotics. This spurred the researchers at the National University of Singapore to see if they could manage it.

They succeeded in developing a sour beer that can support the probiotic strain known as Lactobacillus paracasei L26. This particular probiotic is already found in the human gut, and there is some evidence that it might be able to regulate the immune system.

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