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Feb 7, 2023

Google will soon blur explicit imagery in Search results

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Google announced today that it will enable a new SafeSearch blurring setting by default for all users in the coming months. The filter is designed to help people protect themselves and their families from inadvertently encountering explicit imagery on Search. The search giant says it’s announcing the feature today to mark Safer Internet Day.

The setting will soon be the new default for people who don’t already have the SafeSearch filter turned on. As a result, Google will blur explicit imagery if it appears in Search results. Explicit results include sexually explicit content like pornography, violence and gore. Google notes that users have the option to adjust the setting at any time. Prior to this expansion, the filter was already on by default for signed-in users under 18.

Once the setting becomes the default, Google will notify you that it has turned on SafeSearch blurring. If you come across an explicit image, you can choose to see it by clicking on the “view image” button. Or, you can select the “manage setting” button to adjust the filter or turn it off altogether. For instance, you can choose the “filter” option, which helps filter explicit images, text and links. Or, you can select the “off” option, which means that you will see all of the relevant results for your query, even if they’re explicit.

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Feb 7, 2023

Microsoft and Google are about to Open an AI battle

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After six years of peace, the two tech giants are on course to butt heads again over the future of artificial intelligence.

Microsoft is about to go head-to-head with Google in a battle for the future of search. At a press event later today, Microsoft is widely expected to detail plans to bring OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot to its Bing search engine. Google has already tried to preempt the news, making a rushed announcement yesterday to introduce Bard, its rival to ChatGPT, and promising more details on its AI future in a press event on Wednesday.

The two tech giants are on course to butt heads again.

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Feb 7, 2023

Webb Space Telescope ‘Unexpectedly’ Spots Faraway Asteroid

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The minor planet, considered small, is about the size of the Colosseum in Rome.

Feb 7, 2023

The idea that life on Earth originated elsewhere is not as far out as it seems

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Why ‘panspermia theory’ – the wild idea of microbes ‘hitchhiking’ on meteoroids through the cosmos – is now taken seriously.

Feb 7, 2023

What ChatGPT and generative AI mean for science

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Setting boundaries for these tools, then, could be crucial, some researchers say. Edwards suggests that existing laws on discrimination and bias (as well as planned regulation of dangerous uses of AI) will help to keep the use of LLMs honest, transparent and fair. “There’s loads of law out there,” she says, “and it’s just a matter of applying it or tweaking it very slightly.”

At the same time, there is a push for LLM use to be transparently disclosed. Scholarly publishers (including the publisher of Nature) have said that scientists should disclose the use of LLMs in research papers (see also Nature 613, 612; 2023); and teachers have said they expect similar behaviour from their students. The journal Science has gone further, saying that no text generated by ChatGPT or any other AI tool can be used in a paper5.

One key technical question is whether AI-generated content can be spotted easily. Many researchers are working on this, with the central idea to use LLMs themselves to spot the output of AI-created text.

Feb 7, 2023

Underdog technologies gain ground in quantum-computing race

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Individual atoms trapped by optical ‘tweezers’ are emerging as a promising computational platform.

Feb 7, 2023

A New AI Research From MIT Reduces Variance in Denoising Score-Matching, Improving Image Quality, Stability, and Training Speed in Diffusion Models

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Diffusion models have recently produced outstanding results on various generating tasks, including the creation of images, 3D point clouds, and molecular conformers. Ito stochastic differential equations (SDE) are a unified framework that can incorporate these models. The models acquire knowledge of time-dependent score fields through score-matching, which later directs the reverse SDE during generative sampling. Variance-exploding (VE) and variance-preserving (VP) SDE are common diffusion models. EDM offers the finest performance to date by expanding on these compositions. The existing training method for diffusion models can still be enhanced, despite achieving outstanding empirical results.

The Stable Target Field (STF) objective is a generalized variation of the denoising score-matching objective. Particularly, the high volatility of the denoising score matching (DSM) objective’s training targets can result in subpar performance. They divide the score field into three regimes to comprehend the cause of this volatility better. According to their investigation, the phenomenon mostly occurs in the intermediate regime, defined by various modes or data points having a similar impact on the scores. In other words, under this regime, it is still being determined where the noisy samples produced throughout the forward process originated. Figure 1(a) illustrates the differences between the DSM and their proposed STF objectives.

Figure 1: Examples of the DSM objective’s and our suggested STF objective’s contrasts.

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Feb 7, 2023

Ultra-rare ‘rainbow clouds’ light up the Arctic Circle like auroras in stunning new photos

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Rare clouds that give off bright, multi-colored light like an aurora were recently spotted at multiple locations in the Arctic. But what causes them?

Feb 7, 2023

Scientists Made A New Kind Of Ice That Might Exist On Distant Moons

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The ‘amorphous’ solid is denser and could be water ‘frozen in time’.

Feb 7, 2023

Arrows of Time

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The human mind has long grappled with the elusive nature of time: what it is, how to record it, how it regulates life, and whether it exists as a fundamental building block of the universe. This timeline traces our evolving understanding of time through a history of observations in CULTURE, PHYSICS, TIMEKEEPING and BIOLOGY.

Australia’s first inhabitants, the ancestors of today’s aboriginal peoples, are believed to have embraced a timeless view of nature, in which the present and past are intimately connected. The spirits of long-dead ancestors, for example, were believed to inhabit the living. These spirits reflected a long-ago golden age sometimes known as the Dreamtime.

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