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Dec 20, 2018

Quantum Maxwell’s demon ‘teleports’ entropy out of a qubit

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Researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, ETH Zurich, and Argonne National Laboratory, U.S, have described an extended quantum Maxwell’s demon, a device locally violating the second law of thermodynamics in a system located 1–5 meters away from the demon. The device could find applications in quantum computers and microscopic refrigerators cooling down tiny objects with pinpoint accuracy. The research was published Dec. 4 in Physical Review B.

The second law says that the entropy — that is, the degree of disorder or randomness — of an isolated system never decreases.

“Our demon causes a device called a qubit to transition into a more orderly state,” explained the study’s lead author Andrey Lebedev of MIPT and ETH Zurich. “Importantly, the demon does not alter the qubit’s energy and acts over a distance that is huge for quantum mechanics.”

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Dec 20, 2018

Faint glow within galaxy clusters illuminates dark matter

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More information: Mireia Montes et al, Intracluster light: a luminous tracer for dark matter in clusters of galaxies, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2018). DOI: 10.1093/mnras/sty2858,

Provided by: ESA/Hubble Information Centre.

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Dec 20, 2018

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine Highlights Moon and Mars Exploration

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We’re returning to the Moon, to stay, and nine American companies will work on developing technologies to get there. Watch the latest episode of Watch this Space with NASA’s Administrator Jim Bridenstine to learn how we’re going forward to the lunar surface.

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Dec 20, 2018

NASA is using HoloLens AR headsets to build its new spacecraft faster

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Lockheed Martin engineers wear the goggles to help them assemble the crew capsule Orion—without having to read thousands of pages of paper instructions.

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Dec 20, 2018

What if consciousness is just a product of our non-conscious brain?

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‘’If we are indeed “subjects of unconscious authoring” then continuing to characterise psychological states in terms of being conscious and non-conscious is unhelpful. It constrains the theoretical understanding of psychological processes. ‘’

If consciousness is a by-product of our brains’ nonconscious processes, where does that leave us?

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Dec 20, 2018

The NASA InSight lander placed its seismometer on Mars on Dec

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19, marking the first time a science instrument has ever been placed onto the surface of another planet. The lander is set to study the interior of Mars and listen for marsquakes. Details:

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Dec 20, 2018

What If We’re Living in a Computer Simulation?

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How do you know that you’re not living in a computer simulation?

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Dec 20, 2018

Earth’s mysterious ‘deep biosphere’ may harbor millions of undiscovered species

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Scientists say the underground ecosystems are a “subterranean Galapagos” just waiting to be studied.

This unidentified nematode from the Kopanang gold mine in South Africa lives 1.4 kilometers below the surface. Gaetan Borgonie / Extreme Life Isyensya, Belgium.

Dec 20, 2018

Researchers demonstrate teleportation using on-demand photons from quantum dots

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A team of researchers from Austria, Italy and Sweden has successfully demonstrated teleportation using on-demand photons from quantum dots. In their paper published in the journal Science Advances, the group explains how they accomplished this feat and how it applies to future quantum communications networks.

Scientists and many others are very interested in developing truly —it is believed that such networks will be safe from hacking or eavesdropping due to their very nature. But, as the researchers with this new effort point out, there are still some problems standing in the way. One of these is the difficulty in amplifying signals. One way to get around this problem, they note, is to generate photons on-demand as part of a quantum repeater—this helps to effectively handle the high clock rates. In this new effort, they have done just that, using semiconductor .

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Dec 20, 2018

Scientists added rabbit DNA to a houseplant, and now it’s an air purifier

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Plants are very good at producing oxygen that we all need in order to breath, but what about clearing the air of harmful chemicals? Past research has revealed that plants do a bit of housekeeping when it comes to cleaning the air of certain compounds but researchers wondered if they could help boost that function with a genetic tweak.

In new research published in Environmental Science & Technology, researchers explain how they were able to give a common house plant more power to clean the air around it, and it’s all thanks to DNA from a mammal.

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