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Feb 18, 2017

EmDrive: Chinese space agency to put controversial tech onto satellites ‘as soon as possible’

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Chinese government confirms it has been funding EmDrive research since 2010 and believes in its benefits.

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Feb 18, 2017

Ask Ethan: How Can I Travel Through Space Without Getting Into Trouble?

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We’ve all dreamed about going to space. Here’s how to stay out of trouble when you get back.

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Feb 18, 2017

Artificial Vision, Artificial Retina, Optogenetics, José Alain Sahel MD, CMU RI Seminar

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For those interested in life extension and bionic / cyborg type enhancements, this CMU Robotics Institute Seminar gives an overview of the background and current developments in artificial vision. José Alain Sahel MD is a world leading ophthalmologist with a lengthy bio and numerous honors and appointments.

In the future, if you’re going blind, these sight restoration technologies may be used to remediate your vision loss.

Three major ideas are covered. 1) Implanting arrays of tiny 3-color LEDs under a failed retina to stimulate still-okay cells, and 2) using gene therapy to express a novel photoreceptor, borrowed from algae, to restore a form of sight to failed cells. These can be done together. Lots of studies in mice, primates, and humans. Some coverage is also given to 3) directly implanting electronics in the brain to send complete images to vision centers, but this is still at an early stage.

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Feb 18, 2017

DeepMind just published a mind blowing paper: PathNet

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Potentially describing how general artificial intelligence will look like.

Since scientists started building and training neural networks, Transfer Learning has been the main bottleneck. Transfer Learning is the ability of an AI to learn from different tasks and apply its pre-learned knowledge to a completely new task. It is implicit that with this precedent knowledge, the AI will perform better and train faster than de novo neural networks on the new task.

DeepMind is on the path of solving this with PathNet. PathNet is a network of neural networks, trained using both stochastic gradient descent and a genetic selection method.

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Feb 18, 2017

1816 James Madison

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Since one of the topic areas that Lifeboat promotes history and cultures. I wanted to share this particular US History fact. Many believe that Andrew Jackson was the central figure in the US genocide and removal of the Native Americans. Well, he wasn’t.

Meet the father of the Native American Genocide and Removal, James Madison. In Madison’s ignaurgeral address Madison made it a point to make Indian removal happen via a volunteer removal which established a course of destruction of the native americans. Madison and his advisors were the real founders and architects of the native American removal. And, Madison’s successor James Buchanan expanded upon it to architect plans to wipe out the Cherokee and many tribes of the west which was further executed in 1823 by Andrew Jackson who was often known in NA history as the “White Devil.”

So, to truly go to the 1st US President responsible for the 1823 NA removal and genocide means looking at least 2 US presidents prior to Jackson.

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Feb 18, 2017

Power Company Sends Fire-Spewing Drone to Burn Trash Off High-Voltage Wires

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What happens when your power lines get all kinds of trash hanging from them and it’s not safe to send up a human? In Xiangyang, China, you send in the drones. Specifically, the drones that shoot fire.

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Feb 18, 2017

Poor Citizens to Receive $1,320 a Month in Canada’s ‘No Strings Attached’ Basic Income Trial

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Canada puts its money where its mouth is and prepares for a ‘no strings attached’ basic income trial that it hopes will break the cycle of poverty.

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Feb 18, 2017

We Uncovered the Plan to Engineer the Human Species

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Scientists are developing ways to edit the DNA of tomorrow’s children. Should they stop before it’s too late?

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Feb 18, 2017

Aging puts senescent cells in the driving seat. You can help us put the brakes on aging

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Check out the CellAge campaign at…c-biology/

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Feb 18, 2017

Next-Gen Spacesuits and the Commercial Space Industry

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By Kelsey Tollefson | Executive Editor John Lenker

Space suits are iconic—a visual metaphor for the excitement of the original Space Race and mankind’s first forays off our planet. While many still associate space travel with the puffy white suits worn by astronauts in the 1960s, a proliferation of sci-fi movies in the intervening decades has opened our imaginations to a wider array of possibilities. Far from being fantastical, these new spacesuits reflect an evolved understanding of the considerations involved in protecting the human body from harsh environments outside Earth’s atmosphere.

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