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Aug 27, 2020

Artificial Kidneys Are a Step Closer With This New Tech

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Our kidneys are crucial for keeping us alive and healthy. A sort of chemical computer that keeps our blood chemistry stable—whether we’re eating a sugary birthday cake or a vitamin-filled salad—they prevent waste buildup, stabilize our electrolyte levels, and produce hormones to regulate our blood pressure and make red blood cells.

Kidneys clean our blood using nephrons, which are essentially filters that let fluid and waste products through while blocking blood cells, proteins, and minerals. The latter get reintegrated into the blood, and the former leave the body in urine.

Scientists have struggled to come up with viable treatments for kidney disease and renal failure, and their complexity means kidneys are incredibly hard to synthetically recreate; each kidney contains around one million intricately-structured nephrons.

Aug 26, 2020

Roaring tanks, fast-sailing cars, big bucks: Visitors flow to annual military expo near Moscow for brand new equipment & gear show

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The business part of the expo is interesting as well. Army-2020 includes a record number of participating defense companies, which are showcasing over 28,000 products. The Russian Defense Ministry announced it has 39 contracts worth $15.6 billion ready to be signed during the forum. Participants are hunting for other potential buyers.

Army-2020, the annual defense expo where Russian arms producers show their gear to foreign clients and visitors, has started. Contracts worth billions are expected to be inked between tank races and other entertainment.

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Aug 26, 2020

SpaceX to Launch Masten Lunar Mission in 2022

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Masten Space Systems announced today that it has selected to launch Masten Mission One (MM1). As part of MM1, Masten’s lunar lander will deliver nine NASA-sponsored science and technology demonstration experiments and several commercial payloads to the lunar south pole.

MOJAVE, Calif. – August 26, 2020 – Masten Space Systems announced today that it has selected to launch Masten Mission One (MM1). As part of MM1, Masten’s lunar lander will deliver nine NASA-sponsored science and technology demonstration experiments and several commercial payloads to the lunar south pole.

“Having’s proven launch success behind us is not only great for us, but it’s great for our customers,” said Masten chief executive officer, Sean Mahoney. “We share a common vision with and that makes this more than a partnership. It’s more like a dream team.”

Aug 26, 2020

World leaders can rest easy for now after researchers find new ways to reveal DeepFakes

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An Artificial Intelligence (AI) produced DeepFake video could show Donald Trump saying or doing something extremely outrageous and inflammatory – just imagine that! Crazy I know, and some people might find it believable and in a worst case scenario it might sway an election, trigger violence in the streets, or spark an international armed conflict.

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF We are now locked in a war as nefarious actors find new ways to weaponsise deepfakes and fake news, and defenders try to figure out how to discover and flag it. Interested in the Exponential Future? Connect, download a free E-Book, watch a keynote, or browse my.

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Aug 26, 2020

Scientists find that Citriodiol, ingredient in insect repellent, can kill COVID-19

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British scientists have discovered that an active ingredient found in insect repellent can kill COVID-19, according to a report.

Researchers at the UK’s Defense Science and Technology Laboratory determined that Citriodiol can help fight coronavirus in a preliminary study, Sky News reported.

Insect repellents containing Citriodiol are not believed to be enough alone to protect people from the virus but can be used as an additional layer of defense along with face masks, hand washing and other health recommendations, according to the report.

Aug 26, 2020

Japanese doctor who lived to 105—his spartan diet, views on retirement, and other rare longevity tips

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Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara had an extraordinary life for many reasons. For starters, the Japanese physician and longevity expert lived until the age of 105.

When he died, in 2017, Hinohara was chairman emeritus of St. Luke’s International University and honorary president of St. Luke’s International Hospital, both in Tokyo.

Perhaps best known for his book, “Living Long, Living Good,” Hinohara offered advice that helped make Japan the world leader in longevity. Some were fairly intuitive points, while others were less obvious:

Aug 26, 2020

SpaceX will launch Masten’s first lander to the moon in 2022

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SpaceX has secured a contract to act as the launch partner for Masten Space Systems, one of the companies awarded a NASA launch contract under that agency’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program. Masten’s first lunar mission is set to take place in 2022 if all goes to plan, and will take the company’s XL-1 lunar lander to the south pole of the moon with NASA payloads on board, including scientific experimentation instruments, as well as cargo from commercial passengers.

NASA’s CLPS program is part of its broader efforts to expand partnerships with commercial space companies in order to ultimately lower its costs by sharing providers with other customers from private industry and commercial ventures. It’s also a key staging component for NASA’s Artemis program, which ultimately aims to put the first American woman and the next American man on the surface of the moon by 2024.

The science equipment on Masten’s lander will help the agency study the lunar south pole by gathering key data about the area. NASA’s Artemis III mission will aim to land in the same part of the moon’s surface, and CLPS landers will help it to be informed about the conditions and prepared with resources left in place by some of the uncrewed landers.

Aug 26, 2020

YouTube removes record number of videos after increasing role of AI in content review

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YouTube says it took down a record number of videos in the second quarter of this year due to an increased use of AI in its content review efforts.

In total, 10.85 million of the 11.4 million videos removed from the platform between April and June were flagged by automated systems, according to YouTube‘s latest Community Guidelines Enforcement Report.

AI played an even bigger role in the removal of user comments. Of the 2.1 million comments taken down, 99.2% were detected by automated systems.

Aug 26, 2020

Body fat transformed by CRISPR gene editing helps mice keep weight off

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White fat cells can be turned into energy-burning brown fat using CRISPR gene-editing technology. These engineered cells have helped mice avoid weight gain and diabetes when on a high-fat diet, and could eventually be used to treat obesity-related disorders, say the researchers behind the work.

Human adults have plenty of white fat, the cells filled with lipid that make up fatty deposits. But we have much smaller reserves of brown fat cells, which burn energy as well as storing it. People typically lose brown fat as they age or put on weight. While brown fat seems to be stimulated when we are exposed to cold temperatures, there are no established methods of building up brown fat in the body.

Aug 26, 2020

Microsoft researcher Dr. Cecily Morrison will discuss keeping AI ‘personal’ at Sight Tech Global

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For Dr. Cecily Morrison, research into how AI can help people who are blind or visually disabled is deeply personal. It’s not only that the Microsoft Principal Researcher has a 7-year-old son who is blind, she also believes that the powerful AI-related technologies that will help people must themselves be personal, tailored to the circumstances and abilities of the people they support.

We will see new AI techniques that will enable users to personalize experiences for themselves,” says Dr. Morrison, who is based at Microsoft Research Cambridge and whose work is centered on human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence. “Everyone is different. Having a disability label does not mean a person has the same needs as another with the same label. New techniques will allow people to teach AI technologies about their information needs with just a few examples in order to get a personalized experience suited to their particular needs. Tech will become about personal needs rather than disability labels.”

Dr. Cecily Morrison with her partner and two children, including her seven-year-old son who is holding his cane.