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Feb 3, 2023

AI models spit out photos of real people and copyrighted images

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The finding could strengthen artists’ claims that AI companies are infringing their rights.

Feb 3, 2023

Scientists Discover World’s Oldest Preserved Vertebrate Brain

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A second look at a coccocephalus wildi fossil first unearthed over 100 years could yield ancient insights into gaps of evolutionary history.

Feb 3, 2023

Asteroid Mining Startup About to Launch First Mission

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An asteroid mining startup called AstroForge is preparing to launch two missions to space this year, Bloomberg reports — inaugural, albeit early attempts to extract valuable resources from space rocks.

AstroForge isn’t looking to actually land on an asteroid and start extracting materials just yet. Its first mission to space, slated to launch aboard a SpaceX rideshare in April, will involve testing out ways of refining platinum from asteroid-like materials in space.

Feb 3, 2023

The Terrifying Fungus That Could Destroy The World | Unveiled

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The zombie fungus from “The Last of Us”… IS REAL! Join us, and find out more!

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Feb 3, 2023

What kind of intelligence is artificial intelligence?

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The initial goal of AI was to create machines that think like humans. But that is not what happened at all.

Feb 3, 2023

Researchers identify the neurons that synchronize female preferences with male courtship songs in fruit flies

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When it comes to courtship, it is important to ensure that one is interacting with a member of the same species. Animals use multiple sensory systems to confirm that potential mates are indeed suitable, with acoustic communication playing an important role in their decision making.

Although these differences have previously been reported at the behavioral level, it is not known how the neuronal circuitry underlying this decision-making has diverged between species. Now, in a new publication in Scientific Reports, a research group at Nagoya University in Japan has investigated how the auditory processing pathway has evolved and diverged between fruit fly species.

Males of several species of Drosophila (), which are regularly used in neuroscience research, vibrate their wings rhythmically during courtship, producing a courtship . The temporal components of these songs differ between species, allowing female flies to distinguish between potential mates.

Feb 3, 2023

Pretty powerful’: Indiana man captures rare ‘green comet

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LaPORTE COUNTY, Ind. ( WGN) — In freezing temperatures in rural LaPorte County, Indiana, a skywatcher was able to capture the rare “green comet” passing by Earth for the first time in 50,000 years.

Space enthusiasts like Patrick Thompson have been talking about C/2022 E3 — more commonly known as the “green comet” — for the last couple of weeks. The comet was discovered only last year as part of a survey that monitors the solar system for moving objects with a wide-field survey camera.

Feb 3, 2023

How philosophy turned into physics — and reality turned into information

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The Nobel Prize in physics this year has been awarded “for experiments with entangled photons, establishing the violation of Bell inequalities and pioneering quantum information science”.

Feb 3, 2023

Science Claims to Have Solved the Mystery of Consciousness

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This article is based on accredited medical, science, and media reports. Disclaimer: I am not a scientist. I will share knowledge but will offer no personal opinion on this matter herein.

All listed theories and facts shared within this article are fully-attributed to said outlets, including,, and

The origins and workings of consciousness have remained among science’s greatest unanswered mysteries. How did it begin? What sparks it?

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Feb 3, 2023

Revealing the Genes that Shape the Human Brain

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Neurologist Christopher Walsh discovered genes that direct cerebral cortex development. We asked him what they reveal about intelligence, psychiatric disorders, and the nature of being human.

This article was produced for The Kavli Prize by Scientific American Custom Media, a division separate from the magazine’s board of editors.

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