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Dec 1, 2023

Afterlife hope with project launched to combine AI and DNA to revive loved ones

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Ray Kurzweil and a host of other ambitious scientists are trying to take major next steps with AI — the revival of the dead. Within three decades, he hopes to create a ‘dad bot’ in the flesh.

Dec 1, 2023

Expert That Predicted Rise of Smartphones Thinks Humans Will Achieve Immortality by 2030

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Do you want to live forever?

Dec 1, 2023

SpaceX Carries South Korea’s First Spy Satellite to Space

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One of Elon Musk’s rockets carrying a South Korean spy satellite took off for orbit as the rivalry between the two Koreas expands beyond Earth.

Dec 1, 2023

How Scientists Plan to Save Infrastructure From Catastrophic Solar Storms

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Severe solar storms are estimated to affect Earth every 150 years, and they pose a threat to power grids and other infrastructure. Scientists are building new models and working with industries to avoid a worst-case scenario. Illustration: Michael Tabb.

Dec 1, 2023

Brazilian city enacts an ordinance that was secretly written by ChatGPT

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RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — City lawmakers in Brazil have enacted what appears to be the nation’s first legislation written entirely by artificial intelligence — even if they didn’t know it at the time.

The experimental ordinance was passed in October in the southern city of Porto Alegre and city councilman Ramiro Rosário revealed this week that it was written by a chatbot, sparking objections and raising questions about the role of artificial intelligence in public policy.

Rosário told The Associated Press that he asked OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT to craft a proposal to prevent the city from charging taxpayers to replace water consumption meters if they are stolen. He then presented it to his 35 peers on the council without making a single change or even letting them know about its unprecedented origin.

Dec 1, 2023

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has a bold claim about the exponential progress of AI

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The CEO of semiconductor giant Nvidia spoke during the New York Times’ annual DealBook Summit Wednesday.

Dec 1, 2023

Materials-predicting AI from DeepMind could revolutionize electronics, batteries, and solar cells

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Company releases database with hundreds of thousands of potential new materials.

Dec 1, 2023

The first CRISPR cure might kickstart the next big patent battle

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Vertex Pharmaceuticals plans to sell a gene-editing treatment for sickle-cell disease. A patent on CRISPR could stand in the way.

Dec 1, 2023

When AI Hallucinates

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This fall, Sam Altman, OpenAI’s once-(and possibly future-) CEO made a surprising statement about artificial intelligence. AI systems, including that company’s ChatGPT, are known to “hallucinate”: perceive patterns and generate outputs that are nonsensical. That wasn’t a flaw in AI systems, Altman said, it was part of their “magic.” The fact “that these AI systems can come up with new ideas and be creative, that’s a lot of the power.” That raised eyebrows: We humans are rather good at creativity without getting our facts all wrong. How could such an appeal to creativity make a decent counter to the many concerns about accuracy?

To begin, what do people mean when they say an AI system “hallucinates”? Take this example of what happens when GPT4 tries its hand at academic citations:

Dec 1, 2023

What If You Fell Into a Black Hole?

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What would the outcome be if you took a leap of faith straight into a black hole? We looked to Einstein and Hawking to ponder the scenario.

Say one day you were exploring space looking for a new planet for humans to inhabit, but came across a black hole and decided – why not check it out? Would you have any chance of survival? How would you get out if at all? Would you find a shortcut to another universe? Watch the video to learn about what would happen if you fell into a black hole.

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