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Feb 5, 2023

EV battery nickel product to be produced in the US for the first time

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The metals refining company behind the new development claims to also be eco-friendly.

Mixed hydroxide precipitate (MHP), a nickel product vital to EV battery development, is going to be produced in the U.S. for the first time by Massachusetts metals refining company Nth Cycle, according to a report by electrek.

Megan O’Connor, cofounder and CEO of Nth Cycle, said about the development: “We can economically and efficiently solve a key supply chain challenge for EV OEMs and battery manufacturers by offering MHP produced from our unique electro-extraction platform.”

Feb 5, 2023

Meet The Titans: Google And OpenView (Microsoft) Faceoff On Chat Technology Innovation

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With the heat of ChatGPT, the fastest growing app in the history of the web, no wonder Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google feels the need to enter with a challenge.

Google plans to release its most powerful and latest language model, LaMDA, as a companion to its search engine in weeks or in months. It will be interesting to see the trajectory comparatives between the two emerging Chat Titans.

Although Google’s forth quarter earnings call was done this week, Pichai said, “AI is the most profound technology we are working on today.” This is a pre-cursor announcement which will come shortly due to the momentum of OpenView’s GPT3.

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Feb 5, 2023

Webb Telescope Switched Off And On Again After Strike

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A science instrument on the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has been switched off and on again by NASA engineers after the spacecraft was struck by galactic rays, according to the space agency.

A blog post reveals that on Jan. 15 the telescope’s Near Infrared Imager and Slitless Spectrograph (NIRISS) instrument was impacted by high-energy radiation from outside our solar system, disrupting its communications equipment.

NIRISS is crucial to JWST because it can analyze the atmospheres of distant exoplanets. So far it’s helped find carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of WASP-39b, a hot gas-giant orbiting a Sun-like star about 700 light-years from Earth.

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Feb 5, 2023

Twitter will let businesses keep their gold checkmarks — for $1,000 per month

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Twitter could also charge extra to add badges to every account affiliated with the brand as part of its latest money-making scheme.

Twitter wants to cash in on businesses on the platform by charging them $1,000 per month to keep their gold checkmarks, according to a report from The Information.

Internal messages viewed by the outlet also reveal that Twitter’s looking to tack on an extra $50 per month charge to add badges to each account affiliated with the business.

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Feb 5, 2023

World’s first flying electric racecar is eyeing the Olympics

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The company hopes to make the new cars part of the Olympic sport.

Australia-based company Airspeeder, which engineered the world’s first flying electric racing car, is now training its electric pods to be part of the Olympic sport one day.

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Feb 5, 2023

Get ready: SpaceX Starship’s first launch is for real

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Elon Musk lost his claim as having the most powerful space-worthy rocket when NASA blasted its own mega rocket to the moon in November.

But the SpaceX founder could win back the title with his company’s next big project. Starship, SpaceX’s skyscraping rocket and spacecraft, will launch on its first mission soon. During the test flight, the colossal booster will separate about three minutes after liftoff and land in the Gulf of Mexico, according to federal filings (Opens in a new window). The ship will fly in space around Earth at an altitude of over 150 miles, then splash down off the Hawaiian coast (Opens in a new window).

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Feb 5, 2023

Bigger, faster, farther: A batch of new rockets is set to blast into space this year

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Last year, space fans witnessed the long-awaited first test flight of NASA’s moon-bound Space Launch System rocket, but this year could see even more action at the launch pad, as a slate of new rockets look to make their debut.

“There’s a lot to look forward to,” said Colleen Anderson, a historian of technology at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. “It’s going to be an interesting time with first flights for a lot of new launch vehicles.”

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Feb 5, 2023

Is the race to cure cancer fixed? | Decoded

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Hollywood actor @amrwaked investigates whether the pharmaceutical industry is hiding the.
discovery of cheap and effective cures for cancer to keep raking in profits.

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Feb 5, 2023

App uses artificial intelligence and can detect stroke symptoms

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The app is still under development (Credit: T nia Rêgo / Agência Brasil) The FAST.AI app can detect symptoms of Cerebral Vascular Accident (CVA) without help from a doctor. The app is still in development, but research suggests it can detect facial asymmetry, slurred speech and weakness in the arms, common symptoms of stroke.

Feb 5, 2023

Scientists created ‘cyborg cells’ that are partially alive, but can be programmed

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Scientists have managed to do something truly groundbreaking. According to a new paper published in Advanced Science, researchers have created programmable cyborg cells that could help revolutionize medicine and environmental cleanup efforts. The new research, which was carried out by researchers at the University of California, Davis, shows that it is possible to create semi-living cyborg cells that retain the capabilities of living cells, but are unable to divide and grow.

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