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Jun 4, 2023

Scientists detect the breath between atoms

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Ruoming Peng/University of Washington.

This is according to a press release published by the institution on Friday.

Jun 4, 2023

Very powerful AI may be banned, warns UK govt adviser

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Stepping closer to AI regulation.

As AI continues to develop at a rapid rate, concerns have been raised by experts and the so-called AI ‘godfathers’ about the imminent risks it could pose to people’s privacy, human rights, and safety.

Amid steps taken by the United Kingdom government and the European Union, in partnership with the U.S, to regulate the technology, a member of the non-statutory AI Council of the U.K. government has said that the very powerful artificial general intelligence (AGI) systems may eventually have to be banned.

Jun 4, 2023

Dream Chaser: Space Shuttle-like spaceplane could soon fly to orbit after acing key test

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This is a “key moment in a long journey for Dream Chaser,” which could fly to orbit for the first time this year.

Sierra Space successfully carried out a key test on its Dream Chaser spaceplane, which is designed to lift passengers to the International Space Station (ISS) and Orbital Reef, the private orbital station it’s developing alongside Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin.

Colorado-based Sierra Space announced in a press statement that it has successfully powered up its spaceplane for the first time. The new milestone means Dream Chaser isn’t too far away from performing its first orbital flight test, currently scheduled for this year.

Jun 4, 2023

Mphasis to set up generative AI business unit

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Midcap information technology (IT) services firm, Mphasis, on Thursday, announced the setting up of a business unit dedicated to generative artificial intelligence (AI). The unit will offer advisory on adoption of generative AI solutions to clients, develop the company’s own generative AI properties, offer licenses to over 250 AI models through the company’s ‘Hyperscaler’ solutions marketplace for clients, partnerships with 50 startups for helping clients build solutions, and offer conversational AI tools such as chatbots for clients to deploy in their business.

Anup Nair, who has so far served as senior vice-president and chief technology officer (CTO) of Mphasis Digital, will helm the unit, called, as its chief architect and CTO.

The launch of the dedicated business unit comes after a flurry of similar launches by pretty much every large-cap IT services firm in the country. On 6 April, Tech Mahindra became the first of the large domestic IT firms to launch a generative AI solution, called ‘Generative AI Studio’, to help clients deploy the technology for content generation use cases.

Jun 3, 2023

Meet the Folks Lining Up for Elon Musk’s Brain Implant

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Neuralink Corp. has been cleared by the FDA to start human trials for its medical technology — and there’s no shortage of potential volunteers.

Jun 3, 2023

Joscha Bach: Time, Simulation Hypothesis, & Existence

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Joscha Bach is a cognitive scientist focusing on cognitive architectures, consciousness, models of mental representation, emotion, motivation and sociality.

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Jun 3, 2023

Listen to the Astonishing ‘Chirp’ of Two Black Holes Merging

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Some of the most violent cosmic collisions occur silently in the vacuum of space, but with the right instrumental ears, we can still hear it happen. Here’s how.

Jun 3, 2023

Deadly Indian rail crash shifts focus from new trains to safety

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Long considered the lifeline of the world’s most populous country, the 170-year-old system has seen rapid expansion and modernisation under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s push to boost infrastructure and connectivity in the fast-growing economy.

This year, the government made a record 2.4-trillion-rupee ($30 billion) capital outlay for the railways, a 50% increase over the previous fiscal year, to upgrade tracks, ease congestion and add new trains.

A new, semi-high-speed train built in India and called the “Vande Bharat Express”, or “Salute to India Express”, is showcased as evidence of this modernisation, with Modi himself flagging off the first journeys of many of the trains around the country.

Jun 3, 2023

Watch SpaceX launch Dragon cargo mission to space station Sunday after one-day delay

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Updated on June 3: SpaceX has delayed the launch of its CRS-28 cargo mission to no earlier than Sunday, June 4, at 12:12 p.m. EDT (1612 GMT) due to bad weather and vehicle checks.

SpaceX will launch its 28th cargo mission to the International Space Station for NASA Sunday (June 4) after a one-day weather delay and you can watch the action live.

Jun 3, 2023

New Discovery Challenges Fundamental Beliefs of Astronomy: Giant Arc of Galaxies Spanning 3.3 Billion Light-Years Discovered

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A recently discovered formation of galaxies spanning 3.3 billion light-years is one of the largest known structures in the universe, contradicting some of the most fundamental beliefs of astronomers about the cosmos. The Giant Arc is composed of galaxies, galaxy clusters, and a significant amount of gas and dust. It is located 9.2 billion light-years away and covers approximately one-fifteenth of the visible universe.

The discovery was “fortuitous,” according to Alexia Lopez, a doctoral candidate in cosmology at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in the United Kingdom. Lopez was creating maps of the night sky using light from around 120,000 quasars, which are the bright centres of galaxies where supermassive black holes consume matter and generate energy.

By measuring magnesium’s imprints, Lopez could calculate the distance to the intervening gas and dust, as well as the composition of the substance. The quasars were used as “spotlights in a dark room,” illuminating the intervening matter, according to Lopez. A structure began to emerge in the middle of the cosmic maps, a massive arc that was an indication of the Giant Arc.

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