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Jul 23, 2024

Engineers develop safe and long-cyclable lithium metal battery for high temperatures

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In recent years, batteries have become ubiquitous in consumers’ daily lives. However, existing commercial battery technologies, which use liquid electrolytes and carbonaceous anodes, have certain drawbacks such as safety concerns, limited lifespan, and inadequate power density particularly at high temperatures.

Yet, there is an increasing need for batteries that can operate in extreme conditions, such as the high temperatures required in various industrial sectors, including medical device sterilization, subsurface exploration, and thermal reactors.

This has prompted researchers to search for that are safe and compatible with , which are known for their high theoretical specific power capacity.

Jul 23, 2024

Sodium-ion batteries set to spark renewable energy revolution — and Australia must be ready

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The challenges posed by solar and wind generators are real. They are inherently variable, producing electricity only when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. To ensure reliable energy supplies, grids dominated by renewables need “firming” capacity: back-up technology that can supply electricity on demand.

Some, including the Albanese government, argue gas-fired generators are needed to fill the gap. Others, such as the Coalition, say renewables can’t “keep the lights on” at all and Australia should pursue nuclear energy instead.

But a new way to firm up the world’s electricity grids is fast developing: sodium-ion batteries. This emerging energy storage technology could be a game-changer – enabling our grids to run on 100% renewables.

Jul 23, 2024

Alzheimer’s and Dementia | 60 Minutes Full Episodes

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From 2018, Dr. Jon LaPook’s groundbreaking report following an Alzheimer’s patient and her caregiver husband for 10 years to document the struggles they face. From 2019, Bill Whitaker’s heartbreaking look at frontotemporal dementia. From July 2017, Lesley Stahl’s examination of efforts to prevent Alzheimer’s. And from this past January, Sharyn Alfonsi’s story on a new approach to brain surgery that could revolutionize the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

#news #alzheimer #dementia.

Jul 23, 2024

What OpenAI Just Revealed Will Shock You (AGI Levels Unveiled)

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What if I told you that OpenAI just revealed something groundbreaking about AGI levels? In this…

Jul 23, 2024

Hubble Space Telescope finds closest massive black hole to Earth — a cosmic clue frozen in time

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It’s found in Omega Centauri, the remains of a cannibalized galaxy.

Jul 23, 2024

Study: Brain’s Reward System Could Help Heart Attack Recovery

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Researchers at the Technion – Israel Institute of technology in Haifa have shown that boosting a person’s mental state could help them recover from a heart attack.

The researchers focused on the reward system – a network in the brain that is activated when a person is motivated or in a positive emotional state – in order to ascertain its impact on recovery from a heart attack, formally known as an acute myocardial infarction (AMI).

They found that activating this system in mice led to better clinical outcomes and reduced scarring of the heart tissue. And while the science behind the link between the brain and the heart is still undefined, the Technion said the study raises hopes of improved treatment for heart disease.

Jul 23, 2024

Paper page — SlowFast-LLaVA: A Strong Training-Free Baseline for Video Large Language Models

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Slowfast-llava: a strong training-free baseline for video large language models.

Mingze Xu, Mingfei Gao, Zhe Gan, Hong-You Chen, Zhengfeng Lai, Haiming Gang, Kai Kang, Afshin Dehghan Apple 2024

- SlowFast-LLaVA (SF-LLaVA), a training-free video large…

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Jul 23, 2024

Child Patient Receives World’s First Brain Implant For Rare Form Of Epilepsy

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A 13-year-old boy named Oran Knowlson has become the world’s first patient to test out a brain stimulation implant to treat severe epilepsy.

Knowlson was sometimes having hundreds of seizures per day before the device was fitted. His family has stated that he’s already seeing positive changes compared to his condition before implanting the device.

Jul 23, 2024

Scientists Have Discovered a Plant That Could Survive the Harsh Conditions on Mars

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This plant that could survive the harsh conditions on Mars, which could help future human missions to explore and terraform the red planet.

Jul 23, 2024

The Higgs Boson Might Not Be The Portal to New Physics After All

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They called it the God particle – a particle so ’goddamn’ elusive, it took nearly 40 years and a $4.75 billion machine to detect, all in the hopes of closing one chapter in physics and opening a new one.

Yet for all its promise, it’s possible the Higgs boson might not be the window to a new age of science.

On including previously neglected corrections to data-driven models of the Higgs boson’s creation, physicists from the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Max-Planck Institute for Physics, and the RWTH Aachen University in Germany have failed to find evidence of ‘hidden’ laws lurking in the particle’s shadow.

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