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Oct 25, 2015

Scientists Connect Brain to a Basic Tablet—Paralyzed Patient Googles With Ease

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That was the year she learned to control a Nexus tablet with her brain waves, and literally took her life quality from 1980s DOS to modern era Android OS.

A brunette lady in her early 50s, patient T6 suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease), which causes progressive motor neuron damage. Mostly paralyzed from the neck down, T6 retains her sharp wit, love for red lipstick and miraculous green thumb. What she didn’t have, until recently, was the ability to communicate with the outside world.

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Oct 25, 2015

Two-party politics has killed independent’s day

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Transhumanism featured in The Times of London, a major UK paper. Sorry, you do need a subscription, I think:

Zoltan Istvan is campaigning for the White House by promising voters everlasting life. He is the Transhumanist party’s presidential nominee and he is touring the US in a vehicle shaped like a coffin that he calls the immortality bus.

He believes that technology will eventually allow humans to live for ever. His message, he says, is connecting with the millennial generation who were born from the early 80s onwards. But he has little money and his bus, which is very old, keeps breaking down. “I know what the chances are,” he told me of his attempt to capture the Oval…

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Oct 25, 2015

Fighting Aging With Gene Therapy: An Exclusive Interview With Liz Parrish, The Pioneer Who Wants To Keep You Young

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Nice interview by The Longevity Reporter about BioViva Sciences Inc.

Liz Parrish isn’t your average CEO. A passionate advocate for change, her.
company BioViva is leading the fight for healthy longevity with pioneering.
gene therapies targeting Alzheimer’s, sarcopenia and even aging itself.
Parrish dreams big, but she’s a woman of action. She’s even demonstrated.
her commitment by testing cutting-edge therapies on herself. Could her.
efforts change how we think about aging? Is gene therapy the future or are.
we moving too fast? We caught up with the woman herself to find out more.

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Oct 25, 2015

Are the Laws of Physics Really Universal?

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Can the laws of physics change over time and space?

As far as physicists can tell, the cosmos has been playing by the same rulebook since the time of the Big Bang. But could the laws have been different in the past, and could they change in the future? Might different laws prevail in some distant corner of the cosmos?

“It’s not a completely crazy possibility,” says Sean Carroll, a theoretical physicist at Caltech, who points out that, when we ask if the laws of physics are mutable, we’re actually asking two separate questions: First, do the equations of quantum mechanics and gravity change over time and space? And second, do the numerical constants that populate those equations vary?

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Oct 25, 2015

Physicists create antimatter in record density

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Positrons are plentiful in ultra-intense laser blasts

Physicists from Rice University and the University of Texas at Austin have found a new recipe for using intense lasers to create positrons — the antiparticle of electrons — in record numbers and density.

In a series of experiments described recently in the online journal Scientific Reports published by Nature, the researchers used UT’s Texas Petawatt Laser to make large number of positrons by blasting tiny gold and platinum targets.

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Oct 24, 2015

Consciousness has less control than believed, according to new theory

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Consciousness — the internal dialogue that seems to govern one’s thoughts and actions — is far less powerful than people believe, serving as a passive conduit rather than an active force that exerts control, according to a new theory proposed by an SF State researcher.

Associate Professor of Psychology Ezequiel Morsella

Associate Professor of Psychology Ezequiel Morsella.

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Oct 24, 2015

Bird lets you control the electronics around you just by pointing

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The future will be more connected than ever, and the Bird wearable makes managing our high-tech lifestyles easy and fun with an interactive experience.

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Oct 24, 2015

Tears Of Steel Cyberpunk Action Scifi HD 3D Animation Short Film 1080P FullHD Español English

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You are free: to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work to Remix — to adapt the work to make commercial use of the work.

Directed by Ian Hubert.
Produced by Ton Roosendaal.
Written by Ian Hubert.
Starring Derek de Lint,
Sergio Hasselbaink,
Rogier Schippers,
Vanja Rukavina,
Denise Rebergen,
Jody Bhe,
Chris Haley.
Music by Joram Letwory.
Cinematography Joris Kerbosch.
Distributed by Blender Foundation.
Release date(s) September 26th, 2012.
Running time 12 minutes 14 seconds.
Country Netherlands.
Language English.

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Oct 24, 2015

Upgrading the quantum computer

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Theoretical physicists have proposed a scalable quantum computer architecture. The new model, developed by Wolfgang Lechner, Philipp Hauke and Peter Zoller, overcomes fundamental limitations of programmability in current approaches that aim at solving real-world general optimization problems by exploiting quantum mechanics.

Within the last several years, considerable progress has been made in developing a quantum computer, which holds the promise of solving problems a lot more efficiently than a classical computer. Physicists are now able to realize the basic building blocks, the quantum bits (qubits) in a laboratory, control them and use them for simple computations. For practical application, a particular class of quantum computers, the so-called adiabatic quantum computer, has recently generated a lot of interest among researchers and industry. It is designed to solve real-world optimization problems conventional computers are not able to tackle. All current approaches for adiabatic quantum computation face the same challenge: The problem is encoded in the interaction between qubits; to encode a generic problem, an all-to-all connectivity is necessary, but the locality of the physical quantum bits limits the available interactions.

“The programming language of these systems is the individual interaction between each physical qubit. The possible input is determined by the hardware. This means that all these approaches face a fundamental challenge when trying to build a fully programmable quantum computer,” explains Wolfgang Lechner from the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI) at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Innsbruck.

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Oct 24, 2015

Deus Ex Live Action Trailer

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An interesting look at the singularity gone awry. No other form of fiction (in any medium) even comes close to truly and honestly exploring our immediate future — be it for good OR for ill.
Fantastic game, too.

The political and moral struggle of Deus Ex: Human Revolution (

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