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Feb 20, 2016

Optical Interferometry Going Nanoscale to Make New Types of Biosensors

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Plasmonics, the study of how electrons behave in a metal under an electromagnetic field, requires the use of specialty coherent light sources as a basic tool. Optical interferometry can potentially become more important in biomedicine if only the technology could be made more compact, practical, and proven useful.

Toward that end researchers at Brown University have developed a way of using plasmonics techniques without using a coherent light source at all. This allows optical interferometry at the nanoscale and should lead to new types of biomedical sensors that can do rapid wide spectrum analysis for a variety of markers.

Here’s more details about the technology from Brown University:

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Feb 20, 2016

Answering Singapore’s call to value IT must start from the top

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IT work sometimes can be considered a peice of art; if I say so myself. I like Singapore’s new call to appreciate IT. Maybe more will follow.

The government needs to first ensure its own ministries and agencies recognise the importance of tech products and services, and regard them as more than just support functions.

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Feb 20, 2016

What does it mean that a phone is encrypted?

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FBI not able to hack a phone is really starting to make them look really bad. Granted Apple has created a more advance encryption format on their phones; however, FBI is supposed to be a lot more advance than this.

Why would you want your smart phone encrypted? To protect the information on it should it get lost or stolen, and to ensure no one has tampered with your data.

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Feb 20, 2016

Why Are Digital Assistants Like Siri Given Female Voices?

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Why a female voice as the digital assistant is explained.

At an artificial intelligence conference, a good question gets a surprising answer.

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Feb 20, 2016

No compromise for cyber criminals, says Salleh

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It does make one wonder what the punishment will be.

The ministry would monitor, take action against those who slander, insult and cause hatred for gov’t and leaders.

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Feb 20, 2016

Associated Press jumps into virtual reality

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AP News now in VR.

The American multi-national news agency Associated Press has partnered with California-based chipmaker AMD to launch a virtual reality and 360-degree digital portal. (Pictured: AP’s 360-degree experience Rush Delivery)

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Feb 20, 2016

Japan Launches Observatory To Study Black Holes And Dying Stars

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Japan is studying the black holes.

This week the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) successfully launched a new space observatory designed to study black holes, dying stars and the history of galaxy clusters. The X-ray Astronomy Satellite, known as ASTRO-H, will be able to detect X-rays more than 10 times fainter than its telescope predecessor, Suzaku.

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Feb 20, 2016

Hybrid Electric Powertrain Powers Up For The First Time

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Electric Hybrid Train Powers Up

HYPSTAIR Project Reaches Significant Milestone.

A major step towards electric powered air travel was achieved on 9th February 2016 with the power-up of the world’s most powerful hybrid electric powertrain for aviation in a project led by Pipistrel. Hybrid-electric powertrains are a new breed of aviation propulsion, which extend the range of all-electric aircraft while being environmentally friendly and quiet. The 200 kW propulsor developed during the project HYPSTAIR delivers the power equivalent to a typical general aviation piston engine and can run in three modalities: electric-only mode using batteries, generator-only mode or hybrid mode combining both power sources.

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Feb 20, 2016

Is Your COUCH Smart Enough? Enter the Immersit

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Smartphone meet the Smartcouch.…-20160220#

I’m reporting this news now from my couch and I must admit that after months of immersion in the Smart Home world, I’ve never once considered if my sofa was on the list of home products needing to be upgraded. Until, I suppose…today. Welcome to the Immersit, the new device which might have you never looking at your La-Z-Boy the same way again. Or, if you’re like me … wondering if the product will work, destroy your sofa, or frighten the heck out of your pet.

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Feb 20, 2016

‘Giant nose in the sky’ ready for lift-off in mission to sniff out traces of life on Mars

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The giant nose is going to Mars.

The ExoMars probe will seek evidence of methane gas, which is seen as a crucial signpost of life.

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