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I found this news while researching on hyperbaric oxygen therapy. A lot of news on it now. 😃

GREENWICH, Connecticut (WABC) — A hospital in Connecticut is one of six nationwide treating COVID-19 with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which officials say is emerging as an effective way to deliver oxygen to coronavirus patients.

Greenwich Hospital is part of a yearlong trial to treat 600 patients with the therapy, best known for treating scuba divers for decompression sickness.

The hospital has already treated three COVID-19 patients with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, with some promising results.

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Moment meteor explodes near Brazil’s border with Uruguay Wed, 25 Nov 2020 05:22:41 +0000

This is the moment a bright meteor crossed the sky over Brazil and exploded.

The phenomenon was captured on camera by the Heller and Jung Space Observatory early Monday as it entered the Earth’s atmosphere.

The center’s surveillance system, located in the city of Taquara, recorded the meteor exploding some 462 miles away near the border between Rio Grande do Sul and Uruguay approximately at 2:31am local time.

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Antimatter gravity could explain Universe’s expansion Wed, 25 Nov 2020 05:22:35 +0000

O,.o circa 2011 antigravity? Antimatter gravity equals antigravity: D.

( — In 1998, scientists discovered that the Universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. Currently, the most widely accepted explanation for this observation is the presence of an unidentified dark energy, although several other possibilities have been proposed. One of these alternatives is that some kind of repulsive gravity – or antigravity – is pushing the Universe apart. As a new study shows, general relativity predicts that the gravitational interaction between matter and antimatter is mutually repulsive, and could potentially explain the observed expansion of the Universe without the need for dark energy.

Ever since was discovered in 1932, scientists have been investigating whether its gravitational behavior is attractive – like normal matter – or repulsive. Although antimatter particles have the opposite electric charge as their associated matter particles, the masses of antimatter and matter particles are exactly equal. Most importantly, the masses are always positive. For this reason, most physicists think that the gravitational behavior of antimatter should always be attractive, as it is for matter. However, the question of whether the gravitational interaction between matter and antimatter is attractive or repulsive so far has no clear answer.

In the new study, Massimo Villata of the Osservatorio Astronomico di Torino (Observatory of Turin) in Pino Torinese, Italy, has shown that an answer can be found in the theory of general relativity. As Villata explains, the current formulation of general relativity predicts that matter and antimatter are both self-attractive, yet matter and antimatter mutually repel each other. Unlike previous antigravity proposals – such as the idea that antimatter is gravitationally self-repulsive – Villata’s proposal does not require changes to well-established theories. The study is published in a recent issue of EPL ().

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China’s State-Sponsored Hacking Hits Companies Around the World Wed, 25 Nov 2020 03:22:25 +0000

The group uses tools outside of the country for this attack campaign, as well as custom malware, including custom malware – including backdoor. Hartip – that Symantec has never used. Compromised computers at the time of the attack included domain controllers and file servers, and there is evidence that files are being filtered by some compromised computers. Attackers frequently used DLL side loading in this campaign and took advantage of the patched Zerologon vulnerability in August 2020.

Symantec first addressed this campaign when suspicious DLL-side loading activity on one the customers networks triggered a warning from Cloud Analytics technology available in Symantec Endpoint Security Complete (SESC).

The campaign is spread across the world, with a large number of regions detected as the victims of the attack. The common link between all the organisations that were attacked were their links to japan or japan based organisations. In the map you can clearly see that there was a reportedly Chinese-government-linked group attacking companies within China’s borders but, like many of the companies targeted in this campaign, the target in that instance is a subsidiary of a Japanese organization.

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Coronavirus: North Korea and Russia hackers ‘targeting vaccine’ Wed, 25 Nov 2020 03:22:19 +0000

Tech giant Microsoft says it has detected cyber-attacks aimed at vaccine researchers.

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NASA Data Shows Evidence of Ancient “Megafloods” on Mars Wed, 25 Nov 2020 01:22:53 +0000

Megafloods on Mars. 😃

Swept Away

The end result — which the scientists identified using data from NASA’s Curiosity rover — is that the floods shaped the surface of Mars into 30-foot-tall ripples of rock and dust. The water itself is long gone — but the scientists speculate that the floods means the planet may have been inhabitable at the time.

“Early Mars was an extremely active planet from a geological point of view,” study coauthor Alberto Fairén, an astrobiologist visiting Cornell, said in the release. “The planet had the conditions needed to support the presence of liquid water on the surface — and on Earth, where there’s water, there’s life.”

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December will bring a sight in the sky not seen since the Middle Ages Wed, 25 Nov 2020 01:22:48 +0000

Jupiter and Saturn will be aligned this December, it seems. Something not seen since the middle ages. 🙂

Jupiter and Saturn are about to line up in a way not seen since the Middle Ages, astronomers say.

When the sun sets on 21 December – the winter solstice – people looking up to the sky will see Jupiter and Saturn closer than anyone alive has ever seen them before.

It will be the first time that such a sight has been seen for 800 years.

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Newly discovered mineral petrovite could revolutionize batteries Wed, 25 Nov 2020 01:22:42 +0000

A new mineral found in volcano could revolutionize batteries.

A mineral made in a Kamchatka volcano may hold the answer to cheaper batteries, find scientists.

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Musk Reads: SpaceX Starlink will get a much-needed feature Wed, 25 Nov 2020 01:22:16 +0000

Werner Herzog criticizes Musk and SpaceX prepares to break a rocket reusability record. What’s next for Crew Dragon? It’s Musk Reads: SpaceX Edition #221.

Back in 2013, Elon Musk released the “Hyperloop Alpha” PDF outlining his vision for a space-age styled pod that would speed 700 mph through a vacuum tube. More than seven years later, one company is actually coming close to making it a reality — and we have an exclusive interview with its co-founder and first passenger. You’ll only read it in Musk Reads+.

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Completion of the Australia–ASEAN Power Link Wed, 25 Nov 2020 00:22:19 +0000

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