Oct 3, 2022

Bruce Willis sells his likeness to a firm so his ‘digital twin’ can star in movies and commercials

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Update: Bruce Willis’ team shared a statement with the Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab) that it “has no partnership or agreement with this Deepcake company,” denying earlier reports that he had sold his likeness to the firm to be used in future digital ads and movies.

A Deepcake spokesperson also confirmed with THR that Willis’ digital likeness can not be sold and that “the rights to Bruce Willis’s image to his Digital Twin belong to Bruce Willis and him only.” Deepcake also stated that any involvement with their company was set up through Willis’ agency, CAA, and the quotes used on their site were in reference to Willis’ time working on the above digital ad.


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  1. Brent Ellman says:

    A bit confused as the title here states that he sold his digital likeness but then when I read more and open the actual article it says the opposite. Seems like a major fumble if he said no to this. It will be a lot cheaper to just create digital people whose creators own the rights to out the gate anyway

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