Apr 9, 2022

Meta wants to turn real life into a free-to-play

Posted by in category: economics

How much would you pay for decorations for a non-existing living room? What about a suit that you’ll never get to put on? If these questions sound nonsensical, that’s because they are — and yet, soon enough, some of us may face them head-on, according to Andrew Bosworth, Meta’s CTO.

In his interview for BBC Click, Bosworth enthusiastically informed the hosts that for him, the most exciting part of Meta’s metaverse is its “economy.” The virtual space will give rise to services like virtual interior design or avatar styling, he shared. For those of us who don’t mind an occasional evening in playing video games, this might have struck a familiar chord. For those who don’t — welcome to existence, free-to-play edition, proudly brought to you by Meta.

You probably won’t like it here. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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